Tone Poem no. 27.

What I’ve learned after forty-two years of life, after being divorced, living with undiagnosed, untreated depression and ADHD until two years ago, caring for my ex-girlfriend – whom I loved – who has severe ADHD, depression, anxiety, and PTSD, along with her two daughters, and caring for-then losing my father to liver and gall-bladder cancer, and as a result, losing my ex-girlfriend and her two daughters after she discovered I had allowed myself to be drawn into an emotional relationship with my ex-assistant principal, who basically used me – which showed me what was most important to me in my life.

Author: marcwritesmoorewords

Wordsmith, Poet, Drummer, Foodie. Fantasy geek. Movie lover. Theater fan. Lover of good drink, great conversation and women who enjoy both. Striving for balance and clarity and humor as I manage my 5th grade students, my ADHD, my Major Depression, and my recently-widowed mother.

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