Immigrant Rights are Human Rights March – a Photo Essay of Protest in the Borderlands.

I woke up early this morning.

It was around seven.

I was starving.

I got up out of bed and took my meds. I headed downstairs, got a bowl and a spoon and had some gluten free cereal with coconut milk.

I was sitting there on the couch, eating, watching CNN, and waiting for my meds to kick in. Then the coverage came on about the national marches being held across the country today to protest Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policy, where children are being separated from their families and placed in – let’s just be honest here – internment camps on the border, such as the ones in McAllen, TX that have been highly publicized recently.

It reminded me about an event I saw posted on Facebook that Laredo, TX – the border city where I live – was holding a march of its own in solidarity with the rest of the nation. For a moment I felt the tug of laziness about me, but I got up, knowing that I’d feel bad if I didn’t go, and headed over.

I made it to the Immigrant Rights are Human Rights march just in time.
The protest march was sponsored by the LULAC Young Adult Councils from both Texas A&M International University and Laredo Community College, as well as Webb County Young Democrats, Webb County Tejano Democrats, the Webb County Democratic Party, then LULAC Council 12 and District 14.

When I arrived outside of the Laredo Convention Center, there were about twenty-or-so people ready to march. By the end, there seemed to be about forty.

We marched a nine block protesting route that took us straight up San Bernardo all the way up to the Pan American Courts.

It felt good doing something, but a little strange, because this was my first protest march. But in the end it was very satisfying.

The following is my photo essay of this experience:

There could have been more protesters. There should have been more protesters.

There was no one present from the city council’s office. There was no local or state- elected official on site.

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