Is it weird?

Is it weird that I’m forty-three years old and I feel the most comfortable, the most “myself,” like this?

Is it weird that I feel like I truly do not fit into any category – especially as a straight male – and so I feel like I do not fit into this world?

Is it weird that I feel like I’m too young to be this old, while at the same time I feel like I’m too old to be this young?

Is it weird that my teenage boy heart that used to beat to the pounding truth of Pearl Jam beats to the pinning, yearning punch of Snail Mail now that I’m a forty-three year old man?

Is it weird?

Or is it me, in my isolation?

Do you feel like me?

Do you feel alone because you don’t feel like you “fit” into any acceptable social “category?”

Is it weird?

Or not?

Am I wrong?

Am I not alone?

If so, I would really love to know it.

Author: marcwritesmoorewords

Wordsmith, Poet, Drummer, Foodie. Fantasy geek. Movie lover. Theater fan. Lover of good drink, great conversation and women who enjoy both. Striving for balance and clarity and humor as I manage my 5th grade students, my ADHD, my Major Depression, and my recently-widowed mother.

6 thoughts on “Is it weird?”

  1. Is it weird? Totally, but definitely relatable, at least to me. I’ve always felt this way too, even as a child going through elementary, middle, and high school, and now as an adult. Thanks for your post. 🙌

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  2. Most definitely not alone. I’ve always felt “weird,” even within (especially within) the communities I am a part of, groups of people I once thought would be the most inclusive. But I’ve since learned to embrace being a square peg in a world of round holes. It’s not always easy for me to do, but it’s slowly getting easier.

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    1. That means a lot to me, especially coming from you, my dear friend. It makes me both glad and sad – glad that I am not alone, but sad that, even as you say, the most supposedly “inclusive” of groups still have their perceived categories of what should and shouldn’t be included.


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